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Practical projects during your studies

Practical experience and study closely linked

Management studies at the EMS means to live in an economic environment. Only those who try out and apply learned theories directly in practice gain valuable experience and sustainable learning success. The high practical relevance is a core element of all study programs from the first day on in the Bachelor programs, allowing students to develop their professional competences.

During the integrated compulsory internship students participate in and help shape the entrepreneurial business world. Parallel during their studies on campus they have similar opportunities to highlight their abilities throughout consecutive training phases. Starting with program-specific case studies, through a real-life customer project as well as the management of their own company within a simulation game, the students undergo continuous development and sharpening of their professional skills.

Integrative Case Study

In everyday professional life, graduates encounter complex business situations. Starting in the third semester of the Bachelor’s program, students learn to understand various entrepreneurial challenges and to analyze and evaluate diverse business contexts. By means of an extensive case study, students learn to identify factors that have practical relevance, to develop and examine management strategies and possible alternative approaches, and finally to make business-related recommendations for action. As a result, they gain in-depth insights into the most diverse sectors and companies and gain their first relevant practical experience early on.

Business Project

Both in the Bachelor’s as well as in the Master’s programs, over the course of one semester, students participate as student consultants for a real customer. As part of the Business Project they develop, on the basis of evidence-based argumentation, solutions and action plans for “their” customers.

At the heart of the Business Project is the individual project steps the students go through independently and implement within their team.  These steps include the definition of objectives to the extraction of information through primary and secondary research, the analysis and evaluation of industries, markets, competitors as well as the client company itself, all the way through strategy development and recommendations for the customer. This allows the students to prove that they have the ability to complete a project as well as the final presentation in front of the customer within a clearly defined timeline and content specifications.

It is not uncommon that particularly successful students then receive the opportunity to work for the respective customer on future projects.

Business Simulation Game

How does it feel to manage your own company, make strategic decisions and take on leadership responsibility? This is precisely what our students look forward to towards the end of their studies. In the protected environment of a digital learning platform, students take over the leadership of a virtual company and thus acquire the skills and knowledge to handle realistic management scenarios. They are required to apply the business methods learned during their studies, to manage risks and uncertainties, and to communicate and interact with other participants, such as competitors acting in the market, and thus take on and discuss different positions. Through the critical analysis of roles and responsibilities in upper management students learn in a practical oriented manner what influence strategic decisions have on the company’s success and internalize thereby their theoretically acquired knowledge.



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