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Wii – Nintendo`s change of video game experience

  -   5. May 2017
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Having your parents and grandparents playing a video game with you just because it is a Wii? When I received a Wii, exactly this happened. Everybody had a Wii and I knew that it is made for every age, but I didn’t know that it was so innovative. As a Nintendo game console lover, it was interesting to find out how Nintendo came to the Wii and which strategy they were using. Furthermore, I wanted to find out what the history behind this exploding innovative gaming experience was.

Looking at Wii`s following history, something caused surprise.


Nintendo`s way till Wii.

  • 1889 “Fusajiro Yamauchi starts the production of Japanese playing cards” (
  • 1902 these announced whole world
  • 1933, unincorporated company = Jamauchi Nintendo & Co.
  • 1947 sales company = Marufuhu Co. Ltd.
  • 1951 name changed: Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd.
  • 1963 Nintendo Co. Ltd.; other games were produced
  • 1984 VS. system à NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • 1989 game boy (Japan)
  • 1994 Super game Boy
  • 2006 Nintendo 64
  • 1998 game boy color
  • 2001 game boy advanced; Nintendo Game Cube
  • 2004 Nintendo DS
  • 2006 touch in DS; year-end àWii console

Flop before Top

The GameCube was the successor of Nintendo64 and the predecessor of Wii.

With it Nintendo hoped to get back to the top of the console manufacturers.

But PlayStation2 thwarted the plans, after the GameCube sales were clearly below PlayStation2. With the X-box, Microsoft established to a strong competitor.

Another problem occurred, due to the fact that other manufacturers did not support Nintendo anymore after the bad sales figures were published, which continued to stop the sale: a flop.

In 2006, the Wii followed with its innovative idea, which brought Nintendo on top.

Nintendo`s innovation called: Wii

You might wonder what Wii means? Nintendo`s answer – “Wii sounds like “we”, which emphasizes it is for everyone” (

The console was often attributed to make video games more popular with great audience, e.g. women.

The question is, what makes Wii an innovation and different from other consoles?

  • First console with motion sensor as norm
  • Wireless controller à Wii Remote à “hand-held-pointing device, detects the movement in real time” (
  • To capitalize this motion-sensing capability à WiiSports

Through this innovation, we can integrate the console in myriad ways in our daily life.

“Nintendo`s Blue Ocean Strategy: Wii” (

The Blue Ocean Strategy, as a business theory, offers an enterprise to be a league of its own. The goal is to generate an environment in which you are setting the pace, create unique products and benefit from lucrative new markets, instead of competing in your market.

It wants companies to search ways to gain “unchallenged market space” than being active in traditional competition.

Disruptive Innovation

Also, Wii is a disruptive innovation, which means create something, which has nothing to do with what came before.

The idea behind the Wii was something moms want to buy, which was completely new.

Not only video games, online news, weather updates and more are given, were different.

The same contrary product: WiiU

With the Wii, Nintendo had a big hit in their hands and grounded themselves against Sony and Microsoft. They created the WiiU, which is seen as one of the biggest flops of the company. “The sales volume was expected to reach 100 Million, but only reached 13 Million” ( – very embarrassing after the gaming revolution Wii.


After the release of Wii, Nintendo is seen as a company, which will always do his own thing, not caring about competitors.

For this year, the company recently stopped production of NES, to vary to its next home gaming platform, dubbed Switch. It`s a hybrid advice which allows to play from home and on the go. Through the successful partnership with Niantic and ThePokemonCompany, they want to expand more in mobile gaming.

Nintendo will always try to do something new. We cannot say, what they are going to do next or which innovation they bear in mind, but we can be excited of what will follow and be impressed what they`ve done for our gaming future. They smoothed the way, for new and innovative games.

I am excited about Nintendo’s future, are you?

Who wrote it?

Shanice Mack

Shanice Mack is a student at the European Management School in Mainz.


Tabea Arnold
09-05-2017 05:04

Reading about why Wii is an innovation was really interesting to know, I never considered all these features as they are now really common. Wii is obviously a great product of Nintendo and they went back to their grassroots approach of the experience whilst gaming rather than top notch graphics. After the Gamecube flop where they tried to compete with Sony and Microsoft on the graphics and design aspect, they went back to what they do best which is gameplay and storytelling within their games. It was a console to play with friends and not with anonymous players online. I was wondering why you did not choose the Nintendo switch as your topic as it is up to date and the newest innovation Nintendo has. It is the best selling product in Nintendo’s history and once again is a completely innovative video game system.

08-05-2017 21:43

Super Beitrag. Sehr viele Informationen (über die Konkurrenten usw) und sehr gute aufgelistete Strategien.

Maximilian Lenhardt
08-05-2017 11:51

As a person who likes to play video games in his spare time, it was quite interesting to get to know the background and the reason behind the Wii! Simply because it was released as a competitor to the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, but in comparison to them, it was a completely different concept. I have to admit, I was not very convinced by the Wii, especially due to the graphics, which made me also think that it was no competitor against Playstation and Xbox. But after reading your blog, I started thinking about it differently. The graphics were not even Nintendo's goal, but the gameplay and the unique technology. I also think that the Wii will keep its USP of real-time motion sensing! We saw it on PS3 and Xbox, they tried to copy it, but that try totally flopped, because everyone just thought 'hey, I've seen that already on the Wii' and 'on the Wii this runs more fluently'. The flop of the Wii U was some kind of predictable wen we take a look at it's direct competitors: Playstation 4 and Xbox One. But like you, I am excited about the Nintendo Switch and what Nintendo will come up with in the further future.



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