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  -   30. July 2016
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One does not only have the opportunity to achieve a bachelor’s degree at the European Management School in Mainz, but can also achieve a Master’s degree. All courses at the EMS are business oriented, and can be modified depending on the chosen specialization.


There are seven different courses to choose from. All courses have a duration of four semesters. During this period of time 120 credit points are collected.

The following courses are available to choose from:

  • International Business
  • International Business – Marketing Management
  • International Business – Financial Management
  • International Business - Strategic Management and Consulting
  • International Business – Human Resource Management and
  • Leadership
  • Intercultural Management
  • General Management

All Masters-courses qualify you for higher management positions. Furthermore, with a Masters of Arts from the EMS you are qualified to continue on to complete your doctorate degree.
Due to the different specialization possibilities you have the opportunity to shift your focus on one specific area of interest. This will give you the chance to deepen your knowledge in the area that interests you most.
Because most of the lecturers at the EMS are still very much involved in the economy, there are many opportunities to network and also build your personal network for your career path further down the road.


Not only does this Master’s degree prepare you for all types of management positions, but it also enables a much higher pay with career entry in comparison to a Bachelor’s degree.


If you are interested in achieving a Master’s degree at the EMS you can contact the admissions office at: to arrange an appointment with our study advisors. You can find all further information, as well as the exact course calendars here.

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