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Kyoto- A beautiful city

  -   9. February 2017
Source: Kim Heinz

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to get away from Seoul for one week in order to explore Japan in all its glory. I visited Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and had the most wonderful time. My friend Diana joined me in this adventure and so we left last Saturday to explore Tokyo for the first two and a half days. And then moved on to visit Kyoto for two days and end the trip with half a day in Osaka.

Kyoto Day 1

Kyoto is an amazing Japanese city and there is so much to do! Two days are definitely not sufficient to see the entire city, but we tried to make the most of it and visit as many of the amazingly beautiful temples and gardens as possible. We decided to rent bikes and get from A to B by biking. This was the best decision we made in Kyoto because it enabled us to get everywhere super quickly and without waiting. Also, it was very safe to drive a bike in Kyoto, because they have several biking paths and if not, you can use the sidewalk. After we picked up the bikes on day one, we planned our route accordingly.

The first day in Kyoto, we focused our route on the southern part of Kyoto, cycling from temple to temple. The Temple that stood out most to me was the Fushimi Inari shrine. This shrine is very special and different and is decorated with an enormous amount of columns painted in a bright crimson color. As you can see on the picture with the route of our first and second day, we managed to visit very many different temples. The thing I liked most was how diversified Kyoto is. Since every temple is so different, and the gardens and agriculture is built in a very different way, you feel like you are in a different place every time you visit a new temple.
Here’s a list of all the temples we were able to visit:
-Higashi Hongan-ji
-Fushimi-Inari Shrine
-Tofukuji Temple
-Otani Hombyo

Source: Kim Heinz

Source: Kim Heinz

We ended our day in the Nishiki market shopping street, which is filled with many different shops and places to eat.

Kyoto Day 2

On our second day in Kyoto, we decided to visit the northern part of Kyoto with famous temples, such as the Silver Pavilion and the Golden Pavilion. On this day we again were able o see very many and different types of temples before heading to Osaka by train at 6pm. We started our biking tour at the Silver Pavilion and ended our tour at Kyoto Station.
Here’s a list of what we did that day:
-Higashiyama Jisho-Ji (Silver Pavilion)
-Shinto Shrine
-Kyoto National Museum
-Kinkaku-Ji (Golden Pavilion)
-Nijo Castle

Source: Kim Heinz

Source: Kim Heinz

I tremendously enjoyed visiting Kyoto, and I plan on returning and staying a bit longer next time, in order to visit and see even more amazing places! If you would like to see what I was up to before going to Kyoto, please click the link here.

Source: Kim Heinz

Source: Kim Heinz

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