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Student Life

IMEC Exclusive Business Trip to Dubai – Part 2

Chasing the sunset in the golden hues of dubai’s desert One of the highlight within the trip started one afternoon in a Jeep. Divided into groups of 5-6 people we went off to a very special adventure in the middle of the desert. First we…

IMEC Exclusive Business Trip to Dubai – Part 1

Close your eyes and imagine a city with golden sand beaches, where it’s always warm and the sun shines almost every day. A city with architectural masterpieces, tradition and culture. A city full of lights and glory, where nothing seems impossible, and where the present…

Germany – the perfect place to study!

One of the most popular places to study for international students worldwide is Germany. One in ten students at German universities are internationals ? this is why Germany is the third most popular study destination worldwide. What makes Germany such an attractive destination for students?…



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