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IMEC Exclusive Business Trip to Dubai – Part 2

  -   6. March 2017
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Chasing the sunset in the golden hues of dubai’s desert

One of the highlight within the trip started one afternoon in a Jeep. Divided into groups of 5-6 people we went off to a very special adventure in the middle of the desert. First we sped across the hues of dubai’s desert followed by a typical arabian night with shishas, camel riding and belly dance. Watching the sunset in the middle of the desert completed this amazing day.

Beside the cultural insights we had the opportunity to meet different companies, such as: Siemens, P&G or Liebherr, which are operating in the UAE in order to learn more about their way of doing business in the Middle East

At the Emirates Aviation College we were part of a training program for the crew members with a demonstration of crew management & teamwork.

J.W Marriott , founded in 1927 with a seed capital of just 60$, rank among one of the biggest luxury hotel chains in the world. Calling themselves the biggest hotel in Dubai is impressive considering all skyscrapers. The stunning view from the restaurant on the 73. level completed the inspiring impression of their philosophy.

Arabian nights in Abu Dhabi

Where east leans west. Seeing the capital of the UAE was definitely worth a trip. Abu Dhabi baits with its stunning architectural landmarks, such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
After visiting the mosque, being in Masdar city felt like traveling in time. The futuristically constructed city relies on solar energy and other renewable energy sources. Combining ancient arabian architectural techniques with modern technology like self driving cars, Masdar appears as the emirate’s pioneering vision of a city of the future.

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

Unforgettable moments in the Middle East

If someone asks me what the best part of the trip was, I honestly would say that exploreing all the facets of Dubai was so special.
Besides being able to gain insight into a new culture & exploring a new Country, the most memorable moments were the ones I shared with my friends and the new friends I made during this trip.
If you’re looking for an adventure to broaden your horizons and expand your cultural understanding, paired with business Expertise, the business trip with IMEC is definitely worth it.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip so special, especially to the IMEC team Dr. René Rüth and Mr. Torsten Netzer who made this possible.

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