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IMEC Exclusive Business Trip to Dubai – Part 1

  -   5. March 2017
Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

Close your eyes and imagine a city with golden sand beaches, where it’s always warm and the sun shines almost every day. A city with architectural masterpieces, tradition and culture. A city full of lights and glory, where nothing seems impossible, and where the present is already the past. A city where you can explore more than you will ever have time for.
Open your eyes and find yourself in Dubai, UAE.

Where business meets leisure

Equipped with bikinis, suits and sunglasses our group of students both from Cologne Business School and European Management School took off to an adventure in the Middle East.

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

A week of expeditions, business talks and sight seeing events was waiting for us and we were most excited to finally head off.
Our trip started at the International Airport in Frankfurt heading to Dubai with Emirates Airlines. Who could have guessed at that time what amazing memories we were about to make with all the other students, not knowing each other so far. Looking back today makes me feel happy, reviewing everything we did and experienced together.
I still remember the warm breeze outside the airport building when we arrived in Dubai a couple of hours later. Our first day together was almost over and we were more than excited to see what would await this week.

Open Mind – Open Doors

When doing business in a foreign country, one should be aware of the traditions and the difference in culture. The Motto if the trip was “open mind- open doors”. We gained insight in the emirate culture as we were invited to a typical arabian lunch and learned about the traditional clothing and the historical Background of Dubai.

After our cultural lunch, a tour boat brought us into the city for a heritage city tour to see the traditional spices and gold souks.

In between the program we discovered the metropole on our own. Whether it was walking along the beach, seeing the Dubai fountains at the mall or longing for the endless lights of the skyscrapers. Exploring Dubai was already impressive, but having my friendas there made it special.

Jumeirah Beach is definitely a hotspot. My friends and I went downtown to hang out at the beach.

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

Source: Ané Isabel Dietz

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