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Artificial Intelligence – The next big thing?

  -   5. May 2017
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More and more companies and several governments across the globe have started to heavily invest in Artificial Intelligence. It is an international topic, which we will all face one day as it will dominate our lives.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work?

The first wave of technological progress came in 1973 with the dawn of portable computer and it continued through until 1991 with the invention of mobile phones. The second wave started in the 2000s with digital business models and smartphones/mobile apps. Experts consider the third wave of technological progress to be the invention of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the science of self-learning software algorithms that execute tasks otherwise typically performed by humans. Artificial Intelligence does not generate insights or predictions only but can be used to make critical decisions at the heart of the businesses’ workflows.

To understand how Artificial Intelligence makes critical decisions, one must first know about the OODA (Observe, orient, decide and act) Loop. The OODA Loop was implemented by the US Air Force in order to train fighter pilots and it represents a distinct decision making process. Firstly, Artificial Intelligence observes by understanding diverse situational circumstances. The next step Artificial Intelligence must take is orient. It uses the understanding of the circumstances to compare it with preexisting knowledge. When it comes to the decision making, Artificial Intelligence defines different strategies and acts accordingly.

Ethnical Implications for society

Obviously Artificial Intelligence can be extremely dangerous if only a few people control it. Different militaries around the world have started to research within this particular field of computer sciences. To avoid a world where only a few have the resources to use Artificial Intelligence, leading nations have to make sure that Artificial Intelligence will be a public good so that everybody can benefit from it.

The Matrix
There is a risk that a hyper intelligent computer program will become self aware of its power and takes over the world. This might sound like the plot of a nineties Sci-Fi movie, however, notable public figures like Elon Musk believe that this is already our reality.

“There is only a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation.” – Elon Musk

To lead or to be led
There is no escape from this “new-era”. Either you are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and influence the path we take as a society or you watch how this latest technological revolution happens and society transforms. Is it just the matter of time, until everything will be under the control of Artificial Intelligence?

Today is the first time in history, that Artificial Intelligence can realistically happen in our life time due to drastic technological improvement in the last decade.
However, experts estimate that there will be major breakthroughs within the next few years.

Who wrote it?

Tabea Arnold

Tabea Arnold is a student at the European Management School in Mainz.


Annika Amann
09-05-2017 16:36

Admittedly the headline of your blog entry - Artificial Intelligence - the next big thing? - captured my interest to read your blog entry! However, I did not expect what then followed. The fact that Artificial Intelligence could become self-aware and that it could learn from it- self without the help of human beings scares me. Like you mentioned above, Artificial Intelligence can pose a danger to humanity. The technology can be misused if it gets into the wrong hands. But on the other side Automation Technology also facilitates our everyday lives a lot. Especially in the working area – Automation Technology can take over work from people. Nevertheless, I think it’s important that we bear the potential risks in mind when we benefit from the advantages Automation Technology brings along.

Lea Rottmann
08-05-2017 13:17

Artificial Intelligence is a scientific advance that will increasingly influence technology and life in the future. What I found interesting to read was the controversy of leading or being led. There is no denying that technology already influences and is a major part of our lives and this will only increase as technologies continue to improve. Considering how technology has advanced in the last decades, I am very curious to see what new inventions linked to artificial intelligence the future will bring. Most Sci-Fi movies deal with uprising artificial intelligences, us humans using it or artificial intelligences even acting on their own. In my opinion, the thought of individually operating technologies using artificial intelligences is both fascinating and scary. Therefore, a distressing question to me is: what could happen if artificial intelligence actually outgrows human intelligence?

Jil Becker
06-05-2017 21:54

Artificial Intelligence is a really current and fascinating topic, which has a long history but is still constantly and actively growing and changing. Today it's field draws upon computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy plus many others. Who are the person groups already using the artificial intelligence in which content and benefits? In the long term, I think we have to focus on one important question: what will happen if the quest for strong artificial intelligence succeeds and consequently, such a system becomes better than humans at all cognitive tasks?

Julia Herrhammer
05-05-2017 21:17

Hey Tabea, in my opinion Artificial Intelligence is an absolutely scary thing, considering that they might become self-aware. I have to admit I really like the progress our generation has already witnessed and I am really keen on seeing further changes and developments of our society. Nonetheless the technology nowadays is that developed, especially in some Asian countries that they have already started to commit the Artificial Intelligence specific daily tasks with the result that they can easily avoid those. I am not a great supporter of that aspect, as I am convinced this takes out the whole sense of life. Why should any creepy robots fulfill our daily duties?

Nicolas Eckhardt
05-05-2017 19:47

Artificial Intelligence is one of the game changer in our generation. The fact that we will have systems which are learning from their self without the need of the interaction of a user can be scary. Do we need to be scared? Yes, I think so! As I already mentioned in my article (Artificial Intelligence in Drones) “we do not need to develop an artificial intelligence because it will happen from itself, we need to create software´s which are able to generate safety in a world full of AI. It is not a movie creation or a overreaction to be scared. But neither it is the end of the world. We need to find the right portion of respect as well as knowledge to handle AI in a correct way. Thank you for giving us an overview of AI !

Mona Anthes
05-05-2017 13:23

The topic you chose is a topic that concerns or will concern everybody of us in the future. We live in a fast-changing world and especially the technological development is unstoppable. The quote from Elon Musk you chose fits perfectly and is very shocking in the same time. It kind of questions our whole real existence. As you also mentioned artificial intelligence is a very delicate topic. On the one hand, it is breathtaking how developed technology nowadays is and what it is able to achieve but on the other hand it is likely to get out of control and this can be a major danger we should all be aware and concerned with. I am really curious what will happen in the next few years!



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