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International Management as an extra-occupational study program

You would like to continue your academic education and prepare for an attractive specialist or managerial position in business? With the extra-occupational bachelor’s degree program International Management, you will acquire profound knowledge of business administration with an international orientation at one of the leading business schools in Germany. In addition, you will choose one of three specializations and become an expert in your specialization. In this way, you can optimally develop your personal career path or prepare for a change in your area of responsibility or industry.

Well qualified, individually specialized

In any area of responsibility, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of business and economics and how they intertwine. Therefore, you will be involved in basic business courses such as micro- and macroeconomics, mathematics and market research as well as business law and information management from the beginning. In the higher semesters, your knowledge is deepened and expanded with topics such as marketing management, corporate management, logistics, innovation management and change management. This ensures a compact and well-founded management education with all essential core competences.

At the same time, choosing your specialization equips you with expert knowledge, which forms your desired career path. You can choose from the following: Marketing Management, Leadership & Personnel Management or Financial Management.

Specialization Marketing Management

Global, saturated and competitive markets have made marketing a central mindset of corporate governance. Marketing employees are responsible for the planning and control of public perception, the design of services and concepts for effective communication of messages. Marketing skills are needed not only in large corporations and companies, but also when it comes to the dissemination of ideas, the public mission of an organization, club interests or the establishment of a start-up.

In the study specialization Marketing Management you will focus intensively on consumer behavior, market research and strategic brand management. You will learn all the essential instruments of product, price, distribution and communication policy as well as customer relationship management – how to make customer relationships sustainably profitable.

Specialization Leadership and Personnel Management

Managing a company successfully means, above all, motivating, leading, developing and effectively organizing people. In the specialization Leadership & Personnel Management you will deal with relevant theories, instruments and strategies for the management of companies of different sizes and industries. You will get to know and understand the strategic planning, control and monitoring of operational processes.

In addition, during your studies you deal intensively with personnel as the success factor in companies. Leadership theories and topics such as incentives and labor laws are core elements of this program. In your lectures you will discuss current trends and challenges of personnel management and aspects such as corporate ethics. The curriculum has a definite international orientation.

Specialization Financial Management

Only those who can understand and interpret numbers have the foundation for making the right business decisions. In this specialization, you will become a financial management expert. This enables you to assess all business decisions from an economic point of view and make decisions based on sound potential and risk assessments.

During your studies, you will acquire specialist knowledge in controlling, risk management, corporate finance, corporate taxes and international accounting. You will deal with global financial markets and the current situation on the capital markets. You will also be prepared to advise companies from a financial standpoint on growth strategies such as mergers or acquisitions.

Competence in developing solutions

Entrepreneurial decision-making and actions are based on expertise that is competently combined and applied. This competence is taught to you at the EMS by means of problem based learning. You work through a business simulation game, for example, during which you will find solutions to a problem in the context of international companies. This allows you to you apply your newly acquired know-how across disciplines and recognize economic relationships. You will learn and train to specifically analyze real questions and topics, to use suitable sources of information and to evaluate, select and implement your solution based approaches.

Strong benefit: soft-skills and language ability

In order to progress professionally in a company or a corporation, “soft” factors – so-called soft skills – are indispensable. That’s why the EMS attaches great importance to your personal skills development and makes you fit for teamwork and leadership during your studies. These include intercultural know-how, presentation and moderation techniques, management skills and many more.

In addition, business English language training accompanies the study and rounds off your international management profile. If you wish, you can also acquire an additional foreign language during your studies at the EMS.


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