Master of Arts in General Management Specialization in Leadership & Human Resource Management

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Master of Arts
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Bring companies into the lead

With the threat to traditional business models due to increasing digitization and internationalization as well as the ever-decreasing supply of skilled labor resulting from current demographic trends, strong management-oriented skills are becoming increasingly important.

The scarcity of resources no longer concerns only raw materials, but also qualified personnel. Employees in our knowledge-based economy are now more than ever the decisive factor for entrepreneurial success. In this context, HR management has become an important part of corporate governance. Their common goal is to secure the overall success of a company and to maintain its future viability. Selecting, placing and developing workforce according to corporate goals is one of the key challenges. This requires a suitable corporate culture and is closely linked to the management of business processes.

Accordingly, today human resources experts are in high demand who understand people, motivation tools and leadership theories, and understand complex corporate strategies and organizational structures. If you choose to focus on corporate governance and human resource management as part of your general management studies at the EMS, you will embrace this sought-after combination of competencies.

Developing leadership skills

With the specialization in Leadership & Human Resource Management, the EMS prepares you for a position on the other side of the table during job interviews. You will gain an understanding of recruitment and the management of personnel, and learn to apply your own leadership behavior purposefully and appropriately to various situations. We will train you in special seminars how to assess and develop your communication skills. In light of the increased competition for talent, you will develop an attractive employer brand and how to implement employer branding tools.

Your studies will also focus on modern corporate strategies and organizational forms as well as their orientation to current market requirements. You will learn how to carry out planning, control and controlling processes.

As part of case studies and best practice, you will apply your acquired know-how, for example, to analyze a company’s existing human resource management for weaknesses and develop optimization approaches.

Start your career and create careers

Your master’s degree in General Management with a specialization in Leadership and Human Resource Management qualifies you for management positions in HR departments as well as for demanding functions in staff divisions within management. In large and international companies, your qualification opens up the opportunity to specialize in exciting areas of human resource management, such as strategic personnel management, talent development or diversity management. If you want to continue your academic career, the master will also allow you to complete a doctoral program.


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