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Master of Arts
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Leadership-relevant business psychology

People influence business success in many different ways: as consumers, vendors, employees, executives or business partners. Economics and psychology are thus closely interlinked in many entrepreneurial areas. Companies are increasingly focusing on specialized experts who understand people’s behavior and know how to control it through specialists who have studied business administration and have psychological expertise. Both areas are integrated into master’s program Business Psychology at the EMS. The program focuses on leadership-relevant content and covers, for example, topics such as diversity and talent management as well as conducting negotiations or moderating discussions.

Management degree with a know-how advantage

This study program provides you with insights into the various areas of business psychology in combination with a classical business education. Starting in the first semester, you will gain a substantial advantage over those who build their competence profile exclusively on the basis of business administration. Experienced lecturers provide you with analysis and intervention methods for different conversation situations, such as conflict talks, mediation or coaching. In addition, you will acquire relevant skills and learn the necessary techniques for economic research. This knowledge enables you to, for example, design, conduct and evaluate employee or customer surveys. Current trends in applied business psychology and the associated challenges are also part of your curriculum. In order to ensure that you are always provided with up-to-date and practical knowledge, the contents of the course are continually adapted to the dynamic developments in business psychology.

Expert career in a variety of business sectors

Business psychologists’ work everywhere in companies where economic goals are linked to human behavior. This master’s program thus provides you with a variety of career opportunities in middle and upper management within HR departments, in marketing and product management, in corporate communications, or in organizational development and change management. Business administration knowledge combined with psychology expertise is also in high demand amongst HR service providers and in management consultancies. Of course, the master’s program also opens a further academic career option, a doctoral degree.


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