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Doctoral Programs

Doctoral studies with the EMS and IHP

You would like to complete your doctorate after graduation? The EMS offers you this opportunity! During our doctoral program, which can be completed alongside your professional career, you will deal academically with your chosen topic and directly apply it to a practical project. Thus, your final doctoral degree is not only proof of your academic success, but also promotes your professional development through the practical experience.

Choose to complete the highest academic level of management education, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), or alternatively, the more research-oriented Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Our partners for your international doctoral studies are the renowned University of Gloucestershire (Cheltenham, UK) and the Institute for University Cooperation and International PhD Programs (IHP), which, like the EMS, belong to the Stuttgart Klett Group.

Your guided path to completing a doctorate

You will be well prepared, systematically and in small groups, for your research project in various German cities (Mainz, Cologne or Munich). British lecturers and the IHP team teach you methodological skills and guide you throughout the course of your work. Experienced supervisors from Germany and the UK will advise you on your research activities and in the writing of your thesis. After successfully defending your thesis in front of a university commission in England, you will receive the academic degree Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Both degrees entitle you to use the doctoral title in Germany.

For more information on the doctoral studies, our British Partner-Universities and information events, please contact the Institute for University Cooperation and International PhD Programs (IHP).



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