Bachelor of Arts in International Business Specialization in Financial Management

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Bachelor of Arts
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Fascination of the finance world

What effect does the increase in capital of a company have on its share price? How does a falling exchange rate affect the relative competitiveness of companies? How can change in the key interest rate set by a central bank affect the economy and consumer behavior? Do you have a passion for such questions and numbers? An International Business degree with a specialization in Financial Management prepares you for an exciting career in the financial world. After all, every company needs specialists who are familiar with business contexts, taxes and balance sheets in order to steer economic success with professional financial planning. Of course, financial managers are also particularly in demand in companies where money is part of their core business, such as banks or insurance companies.

Key points, that pay into your career

Within the specialization Financial Management you will deal with financial institutions and financial instruments as well as the theory and practice of capital markets from the third semester on. This foundation of knowledge is expanded up with corporate finance, sustainable and strategic management in banking and finance, models of capital market theory, correlations between risk and return of an investment and much more. In this way, you are constantly developing from a generalist to a sought-after expert in the national and international financial sector. And, with the work you complete during your studies on a selected financial topic, you will effectively differentiate yourself as an expert from your competitors when applying for future employment.

Managing economic success internationally

Economic and financial markets are globally networked, highly dynamic and increasingly complex. On the stock exchanges of the world, milliseconds decide on profits and losses and currency fluctuations influence the value of goods, loans and company shares. If you want to be part of the global economy and manage business success internationally, you need to know and understand the connections within it. Would you like to become part of this vibrant international business world? The specialization in Financial Management will prepare you for exactly this. And, since the global economy speaks English, your lectures will also be held in English.

Gain foreign and practical experience

The global economy and finance world are open for financial managers. During your semester abroad or an internship abroad, you will experience during your studies how corporate cultures and challenges abroad differ – an advantage in terms of experience that will make your career start easier. Our Career Service Department supports you in choosing the right university or company for your interests and goals.

In addition, you will receive personal insights and practical orientation during excursions to, for example, the stock market, or through general meetings of well-known companies.

Expect attractive career opportunities

The International Business degree program at the EMS in Mainz optimally prepares you, with the specialization in Financial Management, for requirements of employment opportunities within the financial markets. After graduation, you have many attractive entry options in banks, insurance companies or financial institutions. Accountants and management consultancies are always looking for well-trained specialists. Last but not least, all major corporations have financial departments where profitability and liquidity are controlled and preparations for key strategic decision making such as an international acquisition or merger are made.


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