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Financing Opportunities

BAföG (Assistance under the Federal Training Assistance Act)

In principle, all EMS students are eligible for BAföG – both Bachelor and Master. Benefits in accordance with the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) can be applied for through the Kölner Studierendenwerk for the Federal Administration Office if the individual requirements for eligibility are met. Whether you actually receive BAföG funding will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The decision is made by the competent BAföG office and is based on your income and assets as well as that of your parents. Half of the BAföG benefits are non-repayable and as interest-free loans. Depending on the study duration and outcome, part of the loan may also be waived. A BAföG grant can be combined with student loans and scholarships.

Further information can be found in our financing brochure and on the Federal Ministry of Education and Research website.

EMS Education Funds

A desired study programme should not fail due to financing issues. The EMS, together with Brain Capital, offers an innovative model of student financing through the Reverse Generational Contract (UGV): During your studies (Bachelor, Master), you have no or only partial tuition fee payments. Only after completing your studies and finding a successful job placement, will you have to begin paying back into the EMS Education Fund. The amount is linked in percentage to your earned income and thus also to your personal solvency. This model subsequently enables the next student generations of the EMS, in turn, to study without paying a direct tuition fees. In turn, the “alumni” finance the study programmes of their “successors”.

Further information on the EMS education funds can be found under:

  • In the press: “Süddeutsche Zeitung” on educational funds

[ ]

EMS Scholarship

With our EMS scholarship programme, we annually enable gifted and dedicated undergraduate students to study at the EMS, who may have difficulties funding their tuition fees. The number of EMS scholarships is limited. If the individual requirements are met, applicants who have successfully completed the application process will receive scholarship with a 50% discount on tuition fees. Detailed information on the application process can be obtained from our student advisors. More information about the requirements and formalities can be found on the EMS Scholarship page or in our financing brochure.

Scholarships for your semesters abroad

Additional options are available to students to finance their studies or internships abroad. For example, the European Commission provides scholarships to promote mobility in Europe under the ERASMUS+ program, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) contributes to the development of international academic relations by offering scholarships to finance time abroad. Detailed information on financing your time abroad can be found under Financing your Semester Abroad.


Public scholarships also offer individual financing solutions for a desired study programme. Scholarships are offered by state and private institutions. In addition to the foundations listed below, you will find a larger selection of the most important funds and financial aid institutions listed in our financing brochure.

A large selection of scholarships can also be found at the following Internet addresses:

Student Loans

Loans to finance living expenses and tuition fees are provided for educational and academic purposes only, and are specifically designed to meet students’ needs and living conditions. Student loans, in comparison to a classic loan allow student to pay the borrowed amount back on a monthly bases instead of a one-time payment.

A selection of potential student loans and providers are listed in the following link or in our financing brochure.

Here is a current comparison of student loans in Germany:

Further Information

All costs associated with your academic studies can be taken into account for tax purposes. For detailed information, please contact a tax advisor.

In Germany, between the ages of 18 and 25, children can receive governmental financial support upon completing vocational training or academic studies, if no academic or vocational training was previously completed. You can find more information about these financial benefits under:

In Germany parents are generally required by law to pay an appropriate alimony to children completing a study programme or apprenticeship. The „Düsseldorfer Tabelle“ [] provides guidance on appropriate amounts.

Many students hold side-jobs and mini-jobs in order to finance their studies and living expenses. By the way, working alongside your studies is an excellent opportunity to gain your first work experience, which is a definite advantage when starting a career. It if important, however, to keep in mind that additional income while studying can impact other financial sources of income – if your monthly income is over 450 €, for example, BAföG will be reduced.

The EMS offers various jobs on campus, be it in teaching as a student assistant or in our administrative departments. Our Career Service Office offers current job postings for EMS students in an online job portal.


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